Manoufia Honey

Manoufia Honey

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 We are a family of beekeepers, living in and operating from Manoufia. For the
past 10 years, or so, our goal has been to produce the best honey in Egypt,
with 100% pure raw nutritional content and beautiful taste. All our honeys are
characteristic to their type, each with its own distinctive taste that is
completely different from others.

Our Desert Wildflower honey is a biologically clean honey from wild plants that
grow naturally and without human interference in a clean desert area. It has a
strong, bold taste and the best effect for any health or medical purposes.

Our Orange Blossom honey is the most flavourful. It is the kids' favourite and is
often used as a sweet souvenir or gift from Egypt. Our Clover honey is for the
lovers of delicate, mild honey.

To be able to produce this kind of clean, unadultered honey, we promote good
beekeeping practices, taking good care of our bees all-year-round and keeping
them free of antibiotics and away from pesticides. All our products are
completely unprocessed and are packaged by hand. We also supply fresh frozen
royal jelly and bee pollen.

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