The store of "home-made"

The store of "home-made"

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 Mohammad Al Buheiry, Holistic Health and Nutrition Specialist and the founder of “The Store of Home-made” introduces his concept saying: “It is mainly meant to offer home-made varieties of products that are new to the market or that are commercially available but in an unhealthy form.”

“Our specialty is fermented foods and sugar-free, dairy-free products. Our products are there to help you keep up on your fast life schedule, while still be able to maintain a healthy diet. Vegan food options are not in our culture nowadays. We are here to offer a variety of these options and make healthy life easier for you. The wisdom behind is all driven from renowned research that has evolved over the least 50 years in the east and west. They succeeded in preventing and reversing a lot of modern diseases -or what they call “Diseases of Affluence”- like heart diseases, diabetes, cancer and more, only using whole food plant-based diet. This lent us to follow traditions as well, traditional cuisines everywhere proved to be healthy for its population, it served nourishment, harmony and energy they specifically needed where they live, and in the exact time.

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