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We started getting into organic farming back in 2005. At that time it was not very common that farmers take this approach mainly because organic farming is known for being complicated, risky and expensive. We first started with lemon trees; the farm produces mainly lemons and different kinds of mangos in addition to the seasonal vegetables whenever possible. Also, we have some of the typical Egyptian farm animals like chicken, ducks, goat and sheep.

                In spite of being a small farm, we do our best to maximize its production output of clean healthy food that we can feed happily to our kids, family and the loved ones. Farm production and maintenance is not easy.. You have to go through a very long learning journey in order to be able to be successful and profitable and for us, it is a lovely and enjoyable learning journey.

                In addition to the agricultural part, lately we started arranging trips to the farm, where people of all ages (kids are most welcome) live the farming life, participate in simple farm work, understand and learn more about organic farming and concepts like permaculture. It really hurts us to see young kids totally disconnected from nature and totally involved in electronic devices and TVs and therefore we strongly encourage kids to come and create this connection with mother earth.. feel and touch nature and smell the purity and beauty of god’s creation.. If you are interested in a farm visit, please contact us


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